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MAN 1924 SS14 Pitti Preview

Mr. Carlos Castillo’s label has been gaining momentum and well deserved attention for some time now. MAN 1924 embodies Mr. Castillo’s impeccable sense of style, perfectly blending sartorial tradition with a casual effortlessness, all while maintaining a charismatic aesthetic. A perfect use of seasonal fabrics such as lightweight cotton, tropical wool, linen and seersucker helps bring this vision to life, being used in unstructured sports coats, safari jackets and summery shirts.

This balanced fusion between polished and relaxed, portrayed in Mr. Castillo’s own attires (I remember bumping into him and his cousin Jorge while going out for dinner: linen shirt, foulard, cotton cargos, brogues), is part of what makes the brand so appealing and unique. You can find everything from a morning coat or tailored suits, up to everyday alternatives with a trademark panache. A happy coincidence that during my visit to stand, team Armoury was already checking the upcoming collection…

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  • 2 August 2013
  • 238